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Transform yourself physically, emotionally and mentally with the power of Love, fruits, vegetables and growing your food.

Self Illumination is for everyone that would like to embark on a journey of Self discovery, healing, well being, find community and experience a joyful life in harmony with Nature. 
This website is the virtual space where we share our teachings, way of life, our members interact with like minded people and keeps us together regardless physical distance.

Purify & Nourish

Isn’t our human life is our most precious gift? We offer a series of purification practices for body, emotions, mind and sins. We also share how pure fruits and vegetables in their unaltered form assists us in our spiritual journey, ultimately bringing us back to our true essence,  aligning us to live a righteous life, receive love from God, Nature oneself and others.

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Spirituality, health, nutrition, Nature and well being

Why some think they are not related?

Agroforestry and Food Forests

The fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds and everything that the Vegetable Kingdom has to offer are gifts to humanity and is our sacrament.
Nature’s gardens and forests are our place of nourishment, learning and worship, is where we find ourselves surrounded by divine pristine consciousness and feel it’s love and mighty wisdom.

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Self Illumination Ministries is the container for the new generation of lay people and families that are coming to enjoy a Nature based and farming lifestyle that promotes the realignment with our True Selves.

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