3 day Deep Intestinal Cleanse
Mucoid Plaque release - Online Retreat
with Super  Enzymes

Reboot your Gut

During this "At home retreat" you'll be diving deep into the emotional and physical stagnation in your gut with daily meditations guided by Sarah and the powerful Zencleanz enzymes.

Jan 4th-7th


We invite you to join us in this journey of deep cleansing and letting go of the old, undigested and decaying that we literally hold within. In this 6 day process (3 prep. and 3 with us) you’ll be passing your mucoid plaque along with all the toxins it holds physically and emotionally. 

 Some call the gut our second brain and what happens there affects our mood, thought process, decision making, cognitivity, perception, brain function AND houses emotional eating, sense of self confidence, trust, physical strength, lust, attachments to material things, and much, much more…

What is Mucoid Plaque?

 Mucoid plaque is a layer that covers the whole large intestine. It’s formed by the accumulation of undigested foods due to poor food combining, processed undigestible foods,  non-eliminated old waste, old fecal matter and acidic foods that cause irritation and mucus in the gut which in time hardens and becomes the hosts of toxins, parasites, bacteria, candida and much more. This “cover” in the intestines causes poor digestion, malabsorption and other issues. 

How we do it?

 Everything related to healing has the spiritual aspect and its correspondent manifestation. In this case we’ll be focusing on the mental and emotional causes that has made us ingest those foods that created the toxic waste that we carry in our gut.

- There’s a preparation time of 3 days at home where you’ll slowly transition to easier to digest and eliminate foods which will be provided upon registration. We also recommend doing a flush the day before starting. This serves to prepare your intestines to the release of the mucoid plaque and all the other waste and toxins that may pass with it.

- During the retreat you’ll be fasting for the 3 days on a 100% organic plant-based  enzyme formula designed by traditional Chinese doctors, (ZenCleanz) specifically designed to eliminate mucoid plaque, discharge old waste, absorb toxins and restore intestinal flora.

- This process brings up a lot of old emotions and old memories related to the toxic load that’s been released which turns it into a spiritual healing experience. To address this we’ll be sharing special meditations to help you connect with your self and emotions associated to what you’ll be letting go of. This will give you an opportunity to bring healing and big resolutions into your life and a great sense of peace thereafter.

What to expect?

- Deep cleanse of the colon in a gentle way.

- Heal core emotional issues.

- Heal emotional eating.

- Eliminate mucoid plaque, candida, mucus and parasites.


 This is as much of a physical cleanse as a spiritual and emotional one. We know it could sound scary and overwhelming but this process is gentle and approachable. 

There’s always a possibility of having cleanse/detox symptoms and many people are not familiar with them. That’s why we’re here for you, to provide the physical and emotional tools to navigate this and to hold the healing space that this process requires. During the retreat we’ll be splitting our time together between sharing about all pertinent topics from the physiological aspect like how enzymes work and the mental/emotional/spiritual aspect like how to break free emotional eating and much more. We’ll also give you meditation exercises that are specific to reveal how the plaque originated to begin with and you’ll have plenty of alone time to decompress, rest, walk in the forest or take a warm bath.

Logistics and schedule

This is a 6 day process minimum, 3 days preparation and 3 days with us at the retreat.
After your registration we’ll send you the guided preparation which is a specific dietary guideline to follow along with a pre-cleanse protocol to initiate the elimination process to allow your colon to be as clean and as ready as possible prior the mucoid plaque release.

Tuesday Jan 2nd in the morning starts the preparation diet.

Thursday Jan 4th @7:30pm PST is our first Live Meetup for an overview.

Friday Jan 5th we start the retreat @ 8:30am PST, is our enzyme fasting day.

Saturday Jan 6th will be water fasting with optional more enzymes.

Sunday Jan 7th we fast until we end the retreat @ 4pm PST.

Most people pass the plaque within the 3 day retreat period, but some people's bodies need more time, in certain cases up to 7 days. If you don't pass the plaque within the 3 day period before the retreat ends, don't worry, we'll be there for you to guide you until you do.

About Zencleanz

Super enzymes are made out of a special 3 year fermentation process using all plant based ingredients to "digest" that which your body was not capable of. This particular cleanse focuses on removing and eliminating the mucoid plaque. This is an extremely efficient way to do it, yet gentle and approachable, and that's why we like it!

About Sarah's guidance and support:

This cleansing process triggers  the emotional baggage that the toxins in our body hold. Sarah's meditations helps retrieve messages and come into peace with that which has been stagnant within us taking the cleanse much deeper to cause a much permanent healing.

What's Included:

- Sarah's guided meditations to unravel the energies the plaque is holding.

- Live Meetups with Q&A sessions.

- Guidelines on how to prepare for the 3 days before the cleanse.

- Guidelines on what to eat during the following 2 weeks after the cleanse.

- Access to the 3 day support group.

1. Order your Enzymes


and we recommend the following enzymes to
support the restoration process for 2 weeks after the cleanse


2. Register for the retreat


 3. Make room in your calendar


4. Enjoy the cleanse!

If you can't make it this time around, don't worry, there will be more and we'll have an schedule soon.



You must have at least 2 consistent movements a day. If you suffer from light or chronic constipation, or severe intestinal conditions please reach out to us first and do not purchase the enzymes or the guidance.

Planning your cleanse:

We recommend to order the enzyme kit with plenty of time in advanced from the date you are intending to begin, it usually takes about 4 to 7 days via DHL as orders come straight from Taiwan.
Zencleanse has a powerful security checkout and you'll need a card with "3D Authentication" or PayPal.