Get to know your True Self through Nature and farming


All of us have a green thumb and a deep connection with Nature.
Are you ready to developed it ?

What is agroforestry?

The word is composed from agro - belonging to the field or soil and forestrythe science or practice of planting, managing, and caring for forests.
Agroforestry is a way of creating farms, timer and restore native forests that mimics the dynamics of Nature itself. It is the antithesis of mono crop, promoting lush and abundant self sustaining environments.
Instead of trying to reinvent a new way, we become humble listeners and students of Mother Nature.

Why agroforestry? 

Well designed agroforestry systems look more like ecosystems rather than conventional farms, including all aspects of the forests like animals and native species.

For us and the next generation

When we team up with Nature instead of trying to impose our ways, everything becomes much easier and effortless. In this way, we can grow food as part of the forests ecosystem, not having to be one or the other. 

For nutrition

Living soils, full of it's active elements and creatures, deliver the real amount of nutrients plants need to be healthy and nurture us.


For the last 3,000 years we've been looking within to find the answers to our human drama.
Perhaps is time to raise our gaze to explore and accept the spiritual gifts Nature has to offer.


Please choose form the option the comes closer to your lands capabilities.

Cultivate your Spirit

Divine Gardens

Restore, rebuild and replenish with your garden.

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Harvest Consciousness

Divine Orchards

Feed your Soul by learning how to grow an agro-forest using methods that mimic and embrace Nature.

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