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Taking the time to be in nature is probably the simplest and most powerful of the practices presented in this site. At some point it may sound too simple, but the answers of life often times are simpler than we thought. The benefits and repercussions are way too many to list them here so we’ll focus on sharing about the practice and let the practitioner take their conclusions after practicing.

We decided to encourage 3 activities to begin with:

1st – Walking in Nature

Walking in nature is one of the most pleasurable things in life, just by looking at landscapes makes us feel relaxed and joyful. But when we physically take a walk through trees, bushes, flowers, mountains, creeks of running water or at the ocean shore, we get infused with it’s pristine energy. Our energy fields touch each other and their essence touches ours, giving us their blessing and love. Most people today just listen to music while walking, are too busy trying to take pictures or killing insects. That behavior prevents us from feeling nature, it keeps it only on the level of a pretty picture for our eyes. Walk in nature without distraction, slowly, in silence. Feel nature!


2nd – Contemplating Nature

During our walks in nature is good to once in a while to stop and contemplate. Sometimes we find a place that we feel called to, that there’s something special about it. Then, asking permission to the spirits, take a moment to enter that space and contemplate the nature around. Remember we are sharing space and entering the space of the spirits of that place so we need to act respectfully and accordingly. Be attentive and observant of all beings, plants, water, rocks, breeze, etc. Just observe and listen…


3rd – Connecting with Nature

When the moment is appropriate and there’s an open invitation, connect with the spirits of nature, one at the time. Take time to get to know them, one by one. The same way that we do when we meet someone, we take our time to get to know them, little by little. Let them talk to you, listen to the songs of the running water, the wipers of the wind and the songs of the birds.  When connecting, be open, be honest, be present and be yourself.


May everyone enjoy the benefits of interacting deeply with Creator’s creation.

Many blessings,

Self Illumination

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