Fasting is a spiritual practice that we can trace back thousands of years in different cultures around the world. Yogis, Christians, Native Americans and many others have until today preserved this ancient wisdom in part or in its totality. It is a progression practice and through time we evolve in it in many levels . It’s a practice to be taken slowly and patiently, no rush or need to be extreme. It is not a competition on how long we can abstain from something. Fasting is subtle, involves the whole human system and should be done with the right preparation and care.

This page presents the beginning steps to start a water fasting routine in an easy way and to evolve as we go. But before we get started it’s important to ponder on: Why to fast? Why fasting has been a practice of this spiritual traditions? What’s the goal? Some of this questions we’ll address before we start, some along the way and much of it will be understood with experience.

The idea is always the same, to get to know ourselves. As we know by now, most of our thoughts are random, some say 80%, some say 90%, regardless it is a the majority of our mental process. We also know that the 3 most energy consuming activities of our our body are mental activity, speech and digestion.

During fasting periods we can disengage the random thoughts, speech and digestion to make all that energy available to us. But first, the whole system goes into detox. In order to have a fine tuned system, it has to be clean and clear. Water fasting clears and cleans, body, emotions and thoughts.  

There are many ways to fast and from different things. Here we’ll present here the begining of water fasting. There are 3 levels of engagement to water fasting that involve the 3 main spheres of our human makeup:

  • 3 Main Spheres being
    • Physical
    • Emotional
    • Mental
  • 3 Levels of Engagement
    • Continued regular activity
    • Abstaining from social interaction with continued regular activity
    • Abstaining from mental stimulation, social interaction and regular activities.


The 3 Main Spheres and the 3 Levels of Engagement of Fasting

The 3 Main Spheres is a subject that we’ll be exploring along our journey and there will be more information in related articles about it. These energy spheres mold the basic human system.

The physical sphere is the one that relates to our physicality and it’s center is in our abdomen, below the belly button, closer to the spine. All related to our physicality and life on a body emanates and affects this center.

The emotional sphere is the one that relates to our emotions and it’s center is in the center of our chest. Everything related to feelings and emotions comes from this center. It also stores our ancient memory and the understanding of time and space. It is the animator, the bridge between the physical and mental, between matter and ether.

The mental sphere is the one that relates to our logics and rationality and it’s center is in the lower center of the brain. It is related to images and organizing information. It is where everything takes shape to be understood in a comprehensible way.

When fasting we engage all 3 spheres simultaneously and it is important to understand what is happening to us so we can follow and understand the guidelines accordingly.

In the 1st level of engagement we continue activities but in a very light way. It means we can walk around the house and engage in activities that are not physically challenging, like lifting heavy objects. We can also engage in conversation with friends or family members occasionally. And we can read books, write and engage in other activities that activate the thinking process and mind.

On the 2nd level of engagement we continue with the light physical and mental activity, but we cease all forms of contact with other people. That includes, phone, emails and any kind of conversation. In this level we have to do this alone. People can be close by, but not interacting. Silence from others in all forms is crucial to be maintained in this level.

On the 3rd level of engagement we cease all physical and mental activity and contact with others. Meditation, contemplation and rest are the only activities. No reading, writing, talking, listening or any other activities that takes the focus and mind outside of ourselves. This level also excludes animals, pets and listening to music. Total rest, silence and solitude.

Please refer to the meditation practice page for more information on the subject.

The 3rd level is the prefered one and a person that is dedicated to this process should try to engage in this level of fasting as soon as is doable. Only once we engage in this level is that we can start feeling the real benefits of the fast and we can take the fast from the physical to the emotional and mental spheres. Until then the physical activities, people and mental activities play a distracting role.


Unfortunately some people with very severe conditions are not recommended to fast until they regain part of their health. Please be sure to double check with your ayurvedic doctor, naturopath, fasting specialist or a doctor knowledgeable in the subject before attempting to start this process.


Getting ready

What water should we drink?

Water carries many things besides minerals, it is also a carrier of oxygen, messages and life force. Ideally is to have clean, pure, living water available. Bottled water is not recommended for this practice. Even though “purified” water may be clean, it’s put through a filtering process which strips oxygen, life force and messages from it. Often times the chemicals in the bottles can be tasted in the water which means that some particles of the bottle have infused the water. Ideally is to go to pristine nature and drink snowmelt water. Snowcaps in the mountains that are above certain altitude are above the smog line and don’t get dirty with air pollution. Many times on our way to the mountains we can see the black fog covering the cities and as we continue to go up, we get above them. In those places the rain and snow doesn’t have to clean the air and if the soil is clean and pristine nature, it will be full of life.

Water has a crystalline nature and works as coder shown on its geometry. Each geometry on the water crystal represents a message and the pure water that is untouched by processing systems still conserves the code messages of nature in its geometrical structure.

If going to the mountains is not a possibility try to find a good source of water that follows ethical business practices and bottling systems that preserves the natural quality of the water.

Alkaline water will have a ph modifying effect on the system. If the body is too acidic and has a lot of toxins in the gastrointestinal tract, it could cause bloating. The gas is a reaction of the amount of bacteria being killed by the change in ph. If gas occurs it means that the system needs more detoxing. People that have a meat and white processed flour consumption habit will have a tendency to experience gas, as those are hosts for bacteria and make the system acidic.

To make it easy for the system, it is good to start with a neutral ph water if snowmelt is not available. Artesian well water is a good option as well, as long as is not too hard. Hardiness in the water is the term used to measure inorganic mineral content in the water, naturally occurring soft water is preferred.

Getting the space ready

Preparing the space for fasting is very important because we get into a very sensitive space. Ideally is to be in a place where we feel safe, comfortable and will be able to be privacy in any given time. This process may trigger emotions and is good to have a personal space to process, detox and let them go.

Getting into the right mindset

The detoxing process on the physical level can trigger memories and feelings from the past. That’s why fasting engages all 3 spheres. Our body stores unpleasant feelings, emotions and memories in the form of toxins located in the parts of the body associated with the occurrence.. During a fasting they will pass through, which means that they could be felt, seen or remembered. It is important to remain in the present moment and understand that we are in the “here-now” and what we are seeing is not in the now, but in the past. It was just stored and now is passing through, for us to say a little thank you and goodbye.

Logistics for the day of the fast.

Some say that the body doesn’t start to detox deeply and starts the rejuvenation process until we hit the 3rd day mark. As a start it’s good to prepare gently with a 1 day (24hr) water fast, once a week. Be sure to prepare the water and the conditions of the space to be fasting for 24hr. Later we’ll engage in longer ones, for now 24 hr is plenty.

Start with the 1st level of engagement and work slowly towards the 3rd level.

Meditation for the fasting day

Once the 3rd level of engagement is achieved and the practice has become comfortable, we’ll begin a special meditation practice. Before doing this meditation, please be sure to be familiar with the practice given in the meditation page and do it regularly a while until comfortable with it.

Once the system is clear of certain toxins in all spheres, we can start feeding the water crystals with messages. This meditation is to use the water as a storehouse for light within our system, this will have a positive impact in all spheres.


Coming up:

Audio and explanatory video on the effects of water crystals and meditating during fasting.

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