Healing Mechanics

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A commentary on the relationship between the awakening of the soul and the healing process.

The following set of chapters is an exposition of the relationship between the awakening of the human soul in this plane and it’s physical, emotional and mental manifestation of well being. It is imperative to understand how this two ideas, are interlaced and one depends on the other. Without this understanding people get confused on why they may be experiencing imbalances, pain, suffering and sickness. Most end up not able to overcome their conditions and get drowned by the endless waves of events that come one right after the other in our daily life. Without being able to get the head up and see the light hopelessness takes over and the situation gets carried on.

Behind this interdependent relationship there’s a simple mechanism between the expression of our conscious self and its manifestation through our human makeup and environment. One of the purposes of compilation is to explore this mechanism in a simple but deep way and to cover it in it’s totality.

The content presented is written in a simple fashion to facilitate its comprehension and assimilation. Everyone can benefit by reading it, from the beginner to the experienced reader, from the ones that never read about this before to the well versed ones in the subject. Also, it is written in layers, so it is recommended to read it several times and meditate in the ideas presented to extract the most out of it, ideally in a calm and peaceful environment surrounded by nature.

In order to have a healthy and happy life we have to get acquainted with basic notions of thought forms, awareness, energy fields and physical matter in time and space, and how all those work together and affects each other. Then, it’s just a matter of using this knowledge as a tool for our own benefit and enjoyment.

In ancient cultures the understanding of this subject was very well understood and available to many. There were times when medicine and spirituality were only one science. Some more explicitly than others, conserve that approach until today, specially in the more nature oriented cultures. But for the majority of the current and prevailing view, those two sciences are separated and one is not even considered a science at all anymore.

We have been living in times where people only believe on what can be proved by a rational matter oriented approach. That means, only of what can be seen, by the eye, is measurable and tangible counts, and the rest have been labeled as fable, metaphor or myth. Nevertheless some had held a small recognition that not only matter affects us and at least, the psychosomatic studies have survived until today. But what is beyond the connection between our physical body and our emotions is what we’ll be exploring in the following chapters and we’ll attempt to reunite the connection of our physical self with our spiritual self, the need of it and why.

Regardless of the time and age, this content is immutable, the relationship between our awakening and our healing has always being the same and it’s mechanism will always be the same for as long as we are in this planet in a human body. At some point we all get presented to this and it is up to us to choose when to start remembering it.

Hopefully this chapters will be useful to all readers and my deep and sincere wishes are for all beings to live with health and happiness.

Self Illumination

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