Food for Awakening

Many of us have heard about emotional eating and how food can be used to numb our emotions, traumas and senses. But what about the opposite? Can food be used to trigger emotional healing, change perception and help us develop our spiritual capabilities?

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The Lifestyle Course is an invitation into a way of life, compiled of suggestions that encompass morning routines, practices, dietary guidelines and other tips to allow the physical body to be the vessel for our true essence.


Please choose form the option the comes closer to your current diet.

Realign your Gut

During the Lifestyle 1 we share about how to integrate the principals of food combining, whole foods and juicing to assist the body for improved digestion, better elimination and reduce stagnation.

Recommendation: Reconnecting to the Heart


Just Breathe

The Lifestyle 2 is a self- paced transition into a mucus free and 80% raw fruit based diet.

*How raw foods affects our bodies,
emotions and minds.

*Cleansing effects of raw foods.

*Mucus free diet.

*Reconnect to what memories the toxins in our bodies hold and witness the power that bacteria, parasites and fungi have over our food choices, emotions and thoughts.

Prerequisite: Reconnecting to the Heart
Suggested: Reconnecting to the Belly


Soak up the Sun

In the Lifestyle 3 is where we share all the tricks needed to sustain fruit based diet longterm and integrate it full time into lives.

*How the codes imbedded in food affect our consciousness.

*How to harness spiritual energy from food. 

Prerequisite: Reconnecting to the Belly
Suggested: Reconnecting to the Roots



And continue to be part of the support groups of all the courses you’re enrolled in.

All courses are compiled of several classes to accompany your process and progress, with pre-recorded and reading material, support groups and  live teachings and Q&A sessions.

Is this Lifestyle for me?

This lifestyle is suited for everyone; families and individuals regardless of age, gender, race, marital status, cultural background or spiritual belief. The series is self paced, allowing you to remain as long as you need in each one of the lifestyles before embarking into the next one. 

All Lifestyle classes are compiled in the natural step-by-step sequence and progression that all individuals go through during the purification, restoration and replenishing process.


Once upon a Bug...

Learn about the memories the toxins hold in our bodies and witness the power that bacteria, parasites and fungi have over our food choices, cravings emotions, thoughts and perception!

As we embark on the Love Thyself journey, we automatically trigger the purification process in many levels, including the physical. A raw fruits and vegetable diet supports the Reconnecting to the Heart practice and vice versa. We do this as a team in a group setting, with the support and guidance of Sarah and Emanuel

Get to know your True Self through Nature and farming

Cultivate your Spirit

Divine Gardens

Restore, rebuild and replenish.



Harvest Consciousness

Divine Orchards

Feed your Soul by learning how to grow an agro-forest using methods that mimic and embrace Nature.