The Self Illumination
Lifestyle 1 

Food Combining, Juicing and Natural Foods

Realign your Gut

This class is our entry way to a wholesome lifestyle and it's designed literally for everyone.  You won't have to give up the food items you like and are used to, we'll just present you with a new way of eating them.

What's in this class

 Food Combining

The study of food combining is our starting point in the road to wellbeing and spiritual awareness by improving body and mental functions. 

This protocol is strictly focused on spiritual development and should not be confused with medical advice.


The 4 sources of energy

Food combining is simple to understand and to begin we need to look into the sources of energy.

Combinations for the 4 sources of energy

Once we understand the energy sources and their requirements we can study what combines best with each one of them.


Craving Honesty

Have you noticed that we tend to reach out for certain foods depending on how we feel?


Addressing habits

Everyone has a cultural background and personal preference when it comes to food. During this first Lifestyle you won’t be forced to give up anything, it’s not about restrictions or telling you that food is bad. We simply suggest certain adjustments that makes a world of difference to our overall wellbeing. 


The True Self and the role of Natural Foods

Have you ever though about the original state of foods as they are found in Nature? Why are like that?

In our Lifestyle classes we shine light in the subject of the way food has been presented to us, how we accept it and receive what it really has to offer.

One of the primary reasons we recommend to take this class along Reconnecting to the Heart is to allow each one of you to see the impact that food has in our mind and how it can helps us heal not just physically but emotionally and it’s role in our spiritual development. 


Daily plan

If you’re thinking how I’m gonna do all this? Don’t worry…we’ll help you every step of the way.

We’ll provide examples for breakfast, lunch and dinner with easy to follow guidelines that can be easily followed regardless of your current diet.



Juicing is a great ally as it a multi function tool, from alkalinizing to remineralizing, it’s benefits are vast. 

We’ll provide you with all the necessary information to start a juicing routine.

After starting the course you may enjoy reading our support articles:

  • Why juicing is important
  • Start juice fasting

Support system

We understand that dietary changes bring a much bigger shift to our lives than what’s on the plate. We started changing our diet over 15 years ago and we’ll share all the tips to integrate this lifestyle easily into your life without it having to be a steep learning curve or you having to do any try and error.


Other topics

Some of the topics we’ll be covering are:

  • How diet can help your emotional and spiritual life.
  • What happens to us when we change our diet.
  • How to deal with emotional eating. 
  • Discovering social misconceptions about food.
  • Understanding how certain episodes in our lives have shaped our palate and food choices.
  • Recognizing and becoming aware of who’s in charge of our food choices..
  • How our awareness, body and molecules start to change with the frequency of the food we eat.
  • And much more…


Class structure

  • The class is organized in a progressive way giving you all the tools needed week by week. 
  • Even though this is a 30 day journey, you’ll be able to access it's content for as long as the site is up.
  • A 30 day subscription to our private group. This is where you’ll meet other dedicated members that are also taking this 30 day journey. It allows you to stay in touch, interact, follow each others journey and post your snippets of your journey and more. Also, the group is a safe haven for us to open up, surrender and be there for each other during our healing and awakening. If you need more than 30 days, you may extend your subscription to the support group for as long as you like.
  • Our “Weekly Gatherings” are live Q&A sessions available within the private support group, you’ll find the tab to access it within the class content. This is where Sarah goes live every week to take the group deeper into the teachings and answer questions.


When you purchase the class you’ll be automatically added to the “The Reconnecting to the Heart” support group where you’ll find the “Weekly Gathering’s" tab to join the live Q&As.

We suggest everyone to take the Reconnecting to the Heart 1 class along with the Lifestyle 1 to enhance the process and ensure an easy transition into this new way of life.

All dietary guidelines are strictly focused on spiritual development and should not be confused or taken as medical advice.