The Self Illumination
Lifestyle 2 

Raw and Fruit Food Combining, Mucus free diet and Weekly Cleanses

What's in this class

Now that you have been doing the Lifestyle 1 and your body has balanced itself with cooked foods, you may be ready to explore the Lifestyle 2 which is the entry way to our raw food diet guideline. This class is a 4 stage transition period that can be done in 4 weeks or longer. At the end you’ll be eating an 80% raw fruit-based mucus free diet that will help your body slowly detox itself, regenerate and heal.

Food Combining 2

Combining raw foods is different than combining cooked foods.
We’ll be gradually entering the world of raw foods, with its own way of combining with each other along with its different categories, fruit combining, ratios and an introduction to water content.

The 4 sources of energy 2

Combinations for the 4 sources of energy in when raw, their ratios and amounts according to our personal needs.



Mucus free vs mucus building foods and the role they play in our physical, emotional and mental functioning.

Daily plan

If you’re thinking how I’m gonna do all this? Don’t worry…we’ll help you every step of the way.

We’ll provide examples for breakfast, lunch and dinner with easy to follow guidelines that can be easily followed for an easy transition.

Weekly Cleanse

Learn about the importance of taking time to cleanse in a weekly basis.

We’ll give you an easy to follow protocol to promote the elimination of toxins and pathogens.

Power Enemas

 Enemas are a great tool in expediting detoxification, removing stagnation and cleansing the colon from mucus, candida and other pathogens. This are not the typical enemas that you’ve heard of, they are very gentle and extremely effective.

We’ll give you all the info to start an enema routine and all indications on how to do them. 


We’ll continue with our juicing and take it a step further by adding some options to the recipes and optional cleansing protocols.

Addressing habits

During Lifestyle one we noticed how our cultural background and personal preference influence our perception about food and what we habitually eat.

Now we’ll be creating new habits outside of the ordinary that follow our inner state of being while addressing the driving forces of our old choices. 

We’ll also give you tips on how to address the attachment to certain foods and how to navigate social situations.

We strongly recommend to redo Reconnecting to the Heart 1 or starting Reconnecting to the Heart 2 if you feel ready for it. 

The True Self and the role of Natural Foods 2

In this class we’ll take it a step further and starting to explore the realm of raw foods, consuming them in the way Nature made them for us.

You’ll get to experience the impact raw foods can have in our mental and emotional wellbeing as well as how they can propel our spiritual development.

Support system

We understand that this could be a transformation for some for some of our members, that’s why we and other members are here for you.

What's included 

Class structure

  • The class is organized in a progressive way giving you all the tools needed in each one of the 4 stages.
    Even though we recommend to do this class in a 4 week period, it is self-paced and you’ll be able to access it's content for as long as the site is up.
  • A 30 day subscription to our private group. This is where you’ll meet other dedicated members that are also taking this 30 day journey. It allows you to stay in touch, interact, follow each others journey and post your snippets of your journey and more. Also, the group is a safe haven for us to open up, surrender and be there for each other during our healing and awakening. If you need more than 30 days, you may extend your subscription to the support group for as long as you like. 
  • Our “Weekly Gatherings” are live Q&A sessions available within the private support group, you’ll find the tab to access it within the class content. This is where Sarah goes live every week to take the group deeper into the teachings and answer questions.


When you purchase the class you’ll be automatically added to the “The Reconnecting to the Heart” support group where you’ll find the “Weekly Gathering’s" tab to join the live Q&As. 

Who’s this class for?

We recommend it only to members that have been able to fully integrate all aspects of the Lifestyle 1 for a minimum 3 months.

When should I do it?

Members living in tropical or subtropical climates can start anytime of the year.

For members living in temperate climates we suggest to start anytime after mid to late Spring or beginning of Summer and no later than the beginning of Autumn.


We suggest everyone to take the Reconnecting to the Heart 2 and the Lifestyle 2 together to enhance the process and help us start a new way of life.


All dietary guidelines are strictly focused on spiritual development and should not be confused or taken as medical advice.

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