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What's in this class

The Love Thyself Practice 

The first thing we’ll share with you is the Love Thyself practice, which is how to infuse every thought, emotion and molecule of our being with goodness.

Backed by the scientific findings of Dr. Emoto on the effects of consciousness in water molecules, our spiritual practice consists on infusing our physical, emotional and mental make up with the frequency of love. 

Our body is made in average of more than 75% of water, imagine what happens when all of it’s water molecules change, rearrange and get structured in such way. 

Imagine how would it feel like if all your thoughts, emotions and molecules of your body were irradiating the light of Love.

Get a glimpse: Close your eyes and envision how your life would be like?


Emotional Honesty

How do you feel? We’re not asking about how do you think you feel, or how you think you should feel. The question is: How do you really and truly feel?

Loving and not loving feelings and memories have emotional and perceptual components that leave imprints in our field.

In this class we create a safe haven and give you the tools needed for you to go deep into those memories, access them and transform those imprints.


Patterns and rooted behaviors

Understanding and addressing this imprints can help you find out the root cause of many things that are happening to you and give you the opportunity to change your life when it seems it just keeps repeating itself.


True Self

As you change this imprints, one by one, you slowly shatter the ego created illusions that protect your inner wounds and keep you from being You. Then, little by little, you’ll get to know who you really are.


Support system

We understand that this practice brings a lot of changes, trust us, we’ve been doing it or over a decade! And because we’ve been in your shoes we know how important it is to have a support system that can help us not only access and transform our imprints, but to be that shoulder during the challenging times and to help integrate life changes gracefully. 


Daily plan

If you’re thinking when and how I’m gonna find time for all this? Don’t worry… It only takes 5 min and we’ll help you integrate this practice in your life and create a healthy routine for you to fit it into your schedule.


Main topics

Some of the topics we’ll be covering are:

  • Understanding what Love Thyself really is and what comes with it.
  • What happens to us when we do the practice.
  • Unveiling and connecting with our True Self. 
  • Discovering what is in the way from loving ourselves.
  • Understanding how certain episodes in our lives have shaped our perception and decision making.
  • Recognizing and becoming aware of patterns, situations and relationships we have created in our life for our own healing.
  • How our awareness, body and molecules start to change with the frequency of love, its interrelation and outcome.
  • And much more…


Class structure

  • The class is organized in a progressive way giving you all the tools needed week by week. 
    Even though this is a 30 day journey, you’ll be able to access it's content for as long as the site is up.
  • A 30 day subscription to our private group. This is where you’ll meet other dedicated members that are also taking this 30 day journey. It allows you to stay in touch, interact, follow each others journey and post your snippets of your journey and more. Also, the group is a safe haven for us to open up, surrender and be there for each other during our healing and awakening. If you need more than 30 days, you may extend your subscription to the support group for as long as you like.
  • Our “Weekly Gatherings” are live Q&A sessions available within the private support group, you’ll find the tab to access it within the class content. This is where Sarah goes live every week to take the group deeper into the teachings and answer questions. 


When you purchase the class, you’ll be automatically added to the “The Reconnecting to the Heart” support group where you’ll find the “Weekly Gathering’s" tab to join the live Q&As.


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