Reconnecting to the Heart 2

Unwind the Belly

What's in this class

Love Thyself Practice 2

You’ll start diving deeper into the memories and feelings that are crystallized in our digestive system and how that affects our emotions, decision making and thought process.


Emotional Eating

How do we truly feel about the food we eat?

Explore the true root of food choices, cravings and how it affect our patters.


Unwind the Belly

Find out what’s really going on in your belly, what core thoughts and emotions live there and what are they trying to tell you.


True Self

Shatter the ego created illusions that indulging once is a while is good and self destructive eating patterns have any benefits.


Daily plan

As the journey goes, we’ll help you integrate and create healthy habits for you to fit it into your life.


What's included

- Even though this is a 30 day journey, you can access it's content for as long as you want.
- 30 day subscription to our support group where we get together to support each other and our weekly live Q&A session.


We strongly recommend taking this class along with Lifestyle 2 or 3.


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