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Reconnecting to the Heart is our welcome and starting point to all new members, and where you get’ll to learn the Love Thyself practice. This practice in a very honest and visceral way brings the frequency of Love to our whole being casting away anything that it’s not in its same frequency. It sparks our reconnection with our true selves, little by little bringing back the awareness of its existence within us. It’s sustained practice causes a cascading effect of realizations, healing and spiritual awakening that will change forever the way you see life, perceive yourself, people in your life and reality itself. During these courses, you’ll incorporate it in our daily routine and with Sarah’s help, you’ll get to experience it’s true potential!

Reconnecting 1

On the 1st Reconnecting to the Heart class you’ll get to experience how subconscious thought frequencies affects our physical body, where our emotional baggage really lives  and how to raise above our challenges.

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Reconnecting 2

During the 2nd class of the Reconnecting to the Heart, you’ll start diving deeper into the memories and feelings that are crystallized in our digestive system.

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Reconnecting 3

The 3rd class of the Reconnecting to the Heart Series is focused on the purification and unraveling of the memories and traumas we hold in our root along with our relationship with the Divine Mother.

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Stay connected and continue to be part of the support groups of all the courses you’re enrolled in.

All courses are compiled of several classes to accompany your process and progress, with pre-recorded and reading material, support groups and  live teachings and Q&A sessions.

As we embark on the Reconnecting to the Heart journey and we begin to experience the effects of the Love Thyself practice, the purification process of the physical body begins and an inherent yearning for a better diet and lifestyle ignites within us.

We highly recommend to start the Self Illumination LifeStyle along with Reconnecting to the Heart to make the best out of your journey with us.

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The birth of
Reconnecting to the Heart

Over a decade ago, Sarah was gifted “The 30 Days Self Love Challenge” during a deep meditation and healing retreat where her guides exposed the importance of loving ourselves and how to infuse our whole being with the frequency of love.

They also explained that when we do that, it promotes healing, accelerates the awakening process and brings us closer to experience our True Self.

The uninterrupted exploration of the depths of the practice she was taught, lead “30 days self love” to become Love Thyself and it’s vastness has evolved into the Reconnecting to the Heart course series.

Since first receiving this amazing spiritual tool, Sarah’s whole life has been dedicated to continually studying it and share it with the world.

By now, thousands of people have benefited from it and hopefully many more will in the future.

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- Nicole: “I didn’t understand what this was about until God spoke to me directly through my heart. The last 30 days were so transformative, I’m finally coming into my femininity, my heart is opening, my relationships are healing and finally I have clarity in my life.”