Self Love

We say the words “I love you” to so many people but, how about ourselves? We say we love many things in life but, where is the love for the Self at? Self Love is something that we all have awakened in certain degree, some more than others but is there, waiting for us to recognize it, to recognize ourselves. Self Love is not pampering ourselves at the spa or with a gourmet meal, it’s about bringing the essence of pure love into our awareness and be open to receive it.

It’s all in the water…

The following Self Love practice was developed under the influence of Dr. Emoto’s work on water crystals. Seeing the crystals changing in shape with the messages that they get exposed to and the understanding that the human body is mostly water, the question about what would happen if we applied the frequency of love to ourselves rouse. What would happen to our emotions and self awareness if we infuse and give love to the body of water that we have and how that would affect us?

The result is an astonishing transformation that leads the person into a magnificent healing journey. Traumas, negative thoughts, emotions and experiences, they all leave an imprint in us and our water reflects it. Giving love to our Self activates that what is not in the frequency of love, to be resolved from a higher perspective, so the frequency of love can resonate, enter and stay with us.   

To find more about this practice please click the link below:

We hope that you benefit from this practice and by bringing the frequency of love to your whole being and aspects of life, you experience joy, happiness and divine love.

Many blessings,

Self Illumination

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