Self Illumination's mission is to bring sincere and devoted families and lay people back to alignment with Nature and God by providing the necessary tools to live a spiritual life in today's world.

Our Story

It all started about 10 years ago, during a deep meditation, when Sarah received instructions of a spiritual practice that helps unravel emotional load led by acknowledging the true feelings of life experiences and the frequency they hold. 

Sarah realized that she was not in front of something ordinary when the instructions included specific details of the scientific findings of Dr Emoto on water molecules and frequency.

Thoughts and feelings have frequencies that change the shape of matter.

The practice had such a tangible and noticeable impact, not only in her demeanor but in her physical body as well, that everyone who knew Sarah started asking her about what happened to her. That was the beginning of her teaching the “Love Thyself” practice.

Quickly, during practice, the correlation between emotions, decision making, eating habits and pathogens started to reveal itself, not just in her own experience but for everyone that she was teaching as well.

This discovery lead Sarah to dive deep into the understanding of dietary choices and the importance of purifying the body for our well being and spiritual life.

From then on she became an avid adherent of the Essene diet, which is the foundation of the Lifestyle classes. We consider Nature’s foods and Elements as Divine gifts specifically designed to help us purify our bodies, hearts, mind and sins. They also help us reconnect with ourselves, open our hearts to receive love and reveal their own role in the awakening process. The fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds and everything that the Vegetable Kingdom has to offer are gifts to humanity and is our sacrament. Nature’s gardens and forests are our place of worship and learning, is where we find ourselves surrounded by God’s pristine consciousness, creation and feel it’s love and mighty wisdom.

During this period, Sarah became a mother of two incredibly spiritually gifted children. This experience ingrained a special inner calling to help young adults bring the next generation of physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy children to Earth.

Nowadays Sarah teaches the different levels of “Love Thyself” along side a Lifestyle based on raw foods, cleanses and fasting for the general public and also has created a special transformational journey for men and women who would like to find their divine spouse and prepare for pregnancy.

Core Beliefs

Self Illumination’s position is that every individual has to have their own realizations, so it’s teachings and messages do not seek to influence thought or opinion, instead it simply presents tools for each individual to free their own minds, spark the awakening of their own inherent intelligence, self awareness and spiritual heritage.

Live  Interviews and Presentations


The Inspire Health by Jen Podcast interview 2023 

The Inspire Health by Jen Podcast interview 2023

Florida Veg Fest 2022

A presentation on how food affects our spiritual life.

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ZenCleanz interview 2023

A chat about why gentle and effective organ detoxification is important and how it can be used in our emotional process.

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The Daily Buzz interview 2015

A chat with Kristen at the beginnings, when we still had the "30 Day Self Love Challenge".

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