Self Illumination

Membership Agreement



1. Membership eligibility

To become a member please answer the following questions:

Section I

  •  Are you a natural living human being?
  •  Are you seeking membership out of your own free will?
  •  Are you representing yourself and your own interest for spiritual growth and wellbeing?
  •  Are you 18 years old or older?
  •  Are you fully coherent and capable of discernment?

Section II

  •  Are you intending to become a member in someone else’s behalf?
  •  Are you a robot, Ai or algorithm?
  •  Are you under treatment that impedes your ability to relate in a good way with others and function normally in the world?
  •  Do you work for or been hired by a governmental agency, private firm, person or corporation to conduct investigations and or collect data on any member, trustee, Self Illumination Private Association or any of it’s activities?
  •  Do you hold any ill will to Self Illumination Private Association or any of it’s members or trustees?
  •  Is anyone forcing you to become a member? 

You’re eligible to become a member if your answers to Section I are all “yes” and your answers to Section II are all “no”.

If you’re eligible, Congratulations!
You’re welcome to become a member by agreeing to our "Terms and Guidelines” in the checkout page when purchasing one of our classes.

If you're not eligible, we’re sorry.
In that case you’re not allowed to:

  •  Become a member.
  •  Purchase any classes.
  •  Reach out to our members to request information about Self Illumination, the association, it’s class content, it’s activities or any pertinent information.
  •  Access any classes, support groups or watch live gatherings.
  •  Hack our website to search our content or gather data.


2. Community Guidelines 

Self Illumination Community is a virtual space with private groups within where our members can learn, interact and receive support form each other according tot he class they are enrolled. The site is configured as a social site, where everyone can post comments, images and videos. To ensure a safe and harmonious environment we have set this set of guidelines and we ask all members to follow and respect them diligently.

As a spiritual community, we hold strong ethical values which we share during our live streaming, articles and courses. We ask all members to help us maintain this values throughout the site, in each user generated content like postings, comments, images, videos or interactions. 

By becoming a member of this Site, you agree to these guidelines and our Terms of Service. We’re committed to these guidelines and we ask you to be as well. Overstepping these boundaries may result in deleted content, disabled accounts, membership terminations or other restrictions applied under Self Illumination’s own discretion. 

We’re in times where the Internet and its open social communities are trying to regulate their user content and are learning how to do that in the best way. Please keep in mind while reading this guidelines that the Self Illumination Community is not a common platform and open site like Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. This is a site that represents a spiritual community with its own points of views and values; and never should be used, addressed, compared or confused with other social media sites or platforms.


The Space

When login in to the site, consider it a virtual “sacred temple”. Enter with the same respect you would if this was a physical temple and with the state of mind that everything within is sacred.



Our community accepts members from diverse backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, ages, and beliefs. We believe that humans can live in peace and harmony with each other and Nature. For that, respect, coexistence and appreciation of each other is imperative. Even though members may hold different points of views, we ask you to make a commitment to create a loving, safe and open environment for all our members. 


1. General Behavior

As a spiritual community, we ask everyone to be mindful of the way they conduct themselves at all times. 

Observing our thoughts and emotions is part of our spiritual practice and we encourage everyone to do so specially before and during visiting the site.

Address all members with upmost respect as if they were the most venerable enlightened being you ever had the chance to meet.

We do not accept gossip or any kind of negative behavior targeted to create, controversy, discrimination, separatism, segregation or puts people in a doubtful space between members, incites them to turn agains our community or it’s teachings.

We foster acceptance, patience, tolerance and positivism among many other qualities and we encourage all members to do the same.

2. General Precepts


  •  Be genuine and truthful.
  •  Think on the consequences of your actions.
  •  Prioritize others and self well being.

3. Uploads

As a social community, we allow image and video upload and we ask you to be mindful of the content and context you upload.

Personal videos are part of the “Self Love Practice” and other programs and courses offered to the members. We encourage all members to post only edited parts of their videos that are appropriate and follow this Community Guidelines standards as follows:

  •  Uploads should not reveal any compromising or personal information.
  •  Uploads should not have any partial or total nudity, obscene, vulgar or violent content, imagery or vocabulary.
  •  Be sure your upload will not offend anyone or speak negatively about others.
  •  Do not instigate or promote negative behaviors
  •  Do not instigate or promote harm to self or others.

Share only photos and videos that you’ve taken or have the right to use and share. You are responsible and own all content you upload. We suggest it to be authentic and original, following all applicable laws for intellectual property and copyright.

Even though we do not forbid it, we discourage the following:

  •  The upload of newsworthy or controversial content.
  •  Content that talks about other people in a negative way.

Protect yourself and be very careful of not exposing any personal information.

Please refer to the Terms of Use section in this page for a detailed list of content upload restrictions.


A way to gage your upload’s content is to see how would it make you feel if your parents, children, teachers or the people you love the most in your life would see it. If you feel comfortable, happy and good in every way, go ahead, otherwise you may have to edit it.

4. Interactions

We believe in meaningful and genuine interactions to be part of what helps us have a happy life. It is important that we use this site the way it was intended to, which is to support each member in a good way with loving words.

We understand that sometimes people may have different beliefs and points of views. We encourage all members to be patient and tolerant. If any argumentation or dispute starts please try your best to don’t let it escalate.

If the issue persists, please refer to the Reporting Something section in this page. We reserve the right to take appropriate action, including the suspension or deleting content and terminating any memberships of anyone that oversteps the boundaries of this guidelines and Terms of Use.

Every moment is sacred, every moment is spiritual.

5. Sells and solicitations

We do not allow any kind of advertisement, sells, offers or promotions. Please read our Terms of Use tab in this page for details. 


Classes, Courses and Programs

1. Groups

Each course and program have dedicated private group where only enrolled members are allowed to join.

The posts, comments, images and videos within this groups are absolutely private and accessible to enrolled participant members only.

Members will be part of the course or programs private groups for as long as they are actively enrolled and participating within the given timeframe. After that period each member will be removed from the group.

You’re not allowed to create your own public or private groups to stay in touch with members that you met during your time in the course or program group.

Please refrain to give advice to other group members if they have questions or are going through something they do not understand. It’s always best to ask your group leader/organizer/teacher directly as they have the experience to deliver any needed guidance.

2. Content generated within a class, course or program group

Content generated within a class, course or program group refers to the content is generated by members and group leaders/organizers posted in the group’s timeline.

All content within the group’s timeline may NOT be shared or discussed with members outside the course’s group, non enrolled members or with non Self Illumination members.

For questions about the teachings please always refer to the group’s leader/organizer.

3. Courses and programs content

Courses and programs have videos and written material that is exclusive property of Self Illumination. By enrolling, members are granted access to the content but are not allowed to copy, share, distribute it. Neither are members allowed to discuss the content with non members.

For more information please refer to the Terms of Use tab in this page.


Health and Healing

1. General health

In order to join this community you must:

  •  Be fully coherent.
  •  Capable of discernment.
  •  Capable of self assessment in mental, emotional and physical levels.

In order to join the classes you must:

  •  Be sure you are mental, emotional and physically capable.
  •  Check with your trusted medical adviser.
  •  Understand that the classes are not substitute for medical advice, diagnose or treatment.


2. Before enrolling in courses and programs

Please check first with your healthcare provider to ensure you’re mentally, emotionally and physically capable of taking any of the Self Illumination courses or programs.


3. Expectations 

Although healing and health changes may occur by engaging in spiritual practices, we encourage our members to not make that the sole purpose of participation.


Teachings and information


Self Illumination teachings are spiritual in nature and dedicated to the awakening process and spiritual advancement.

The given teachings and information may not always follow the same understandings or agree with current science. The reason is that science nowadays relies on technology for its statements. As technology evolves, science discovers new horizons. That means that no scientist knows how much technology based science has yet to discover and is restricted by its own technical limitations. Time and again science contradicts itself when faced with new technology that shows previous findings to be wrong.

On the other hand, our human capabilities are only restricted by self awareness and doesn’t need to wait for any technological advancement to achieve its potential. All that is need for self awareness, spiritual awakening and advancement in consciousness we already have it within and is there waiting for us to cultivate it.