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Who said spirituality, food and health are not related?

Healing, happiness, wealth and a good fulfilling life is what most people want, but nowadays most think all of that is unrelated to our awareness, consciousness and lifestyle.
Self Illumination shares about how our daily way of life affects our health, well being and spirituality.

The Self Illumination Roadmap


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Lifestyle 1


Illuminate your Heart

Food combining


Grow your herbs and sprouts


Lifestyle 2


Illuminate your Belly

Transition plan into a 80% fruit based diet

Fruit combining

Weekly cleanses

Grow your juicing vegetables

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Lifestyle 3


Illuminate your Roots

Transition plan into 100% raw fruit based diet.

The phases of a raw fruit  based diet.

Grow annual fruits and vegetables.

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Cultivating Goodness

Challenge Series

These are a series of free challenges that we're offering and everyone can join.


Deepening your Journey


The following classes unlock and become available for members that complete Lifestyle 1.


Learn about the power of juicing for physical and emotional well being.


Let this amazing catalysts devour any stagnation to help you move forward. 


Discover the medicinal properties of fruits for body, mind and spirit. 


The birth of Love ThySelf and
Lifestyle Series

Over a decade ago, Sarah was gifted ‚ÄúThe 30 Days Self Love Challenge‚ÄĚ during a deep meditation and healing retreat where her guides exposed the importance of loving ourselves and how to infuse our whole being with the frequency of love.

They also explained that when we do that, it promotes healing, accelerates the awakening process and brings us closer to experience our True Self.

The uninterrupted exploration of the depths of the practice she was taught, lead ‚Äú30 days self love‚ÄĚ to become Love Thyself and its vastness has evolved into the Lifestyle¬†Series which encompass the teachings of the function of fruits and vegetables in our physical and emotional healing along with our spiritual development..

Since first receiving this amazing spiritual tool and experiencing the healing power of foods, Sarah’s whole life has been dedicated to continually studying it and share it with the world.

By now, thousands of people have benefited from it and hopefully many more will in the future.

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Bring me a higher Love

Embracing your Divine Spouse

Prepare to receive your lifelong mate and for life as a couple.


Receiving your Divine Child

Prepare for pregnancy, the birth experience and the early years of your child.

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